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August 23, 2010 / Henning

the friendly nazi mountaineer

[photo (cc-by): dark magshin]

the daily telegraph writes about an “outrage” here in sweden (well, i haven’t read about it in my preferred swedish newspapers): there seem to be several mountain crags named after nazi-stuff like kristallnacht or swastika. so, why is that possible? i haven’t seen that many nazis here in sweden, especially not in the government. answer: you climb it first, you name it.

mikael widerberg, a climber who named “little hitler” in 2001 dismissed the controversy, saying the names should be interpreted as an “internal thing between climbers”

yea, why not, mikael. to be honest, i don’t care and i don’t climb. but in case i transform into reinhold messner one day, i would sure love to climb your little hitler-route. i expect it to be a nasty one.

thank you hitler-blog


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