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January 19, 2011 / Henning

white fence

[photo by theisabelfish cc-by-nc-sa]

after nineteen long days i am proud to present you the first noteworthy record of 2011: white fence …is growing faith huddles against grubby 60s nostalgia. it is certainly not great. it is merely noteworthy, as said. some of the 16 songs should have been scrapped, but i don’t want to complain too much. it is a fine garage rock/pop record. it is easy and it is not really different from all these other retro rock records that have been recently released – like for example nodzzz.

or be brave by the strange boys

…and there’s a reason for that: tim presley (aka white fence) is a member of the strange boys, his brother sean is a part of nodzzz. it’s one big garage rock family. sadly you won’t be able to listen to is growing faith on my blog. however, you can find one song at the bay bridged. it is embedded into an interview with tim presley. another possibility would be to download it right here. i’m sure you know where to get the complete album.


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