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February 1, 2011 / Henning

adrienn pál

gothenburgs international film festival has finally opened its doors. well, good for everyone in gothenburg, but why exactly should you care, anonymous visitors from google? it’s because of all these fantastic recommendations i am going to give you. remember, you might need some odd additions to your betamax collection or a new widescreen flick for your mobile phone. whatever you kids own these days.

this is piroska. she works as a nurse in a terminal ward somewhere in hungary and her monotonous job has made her emotionally blunted. that’s why her life is not exactly sparkled with glitter. she more and more isolates herself from everyone and searches for replacement in childhood memories. upon reading the name of a childhood friend, piroska decides to find this woman she hasn’t seen in over twenty years.

the name of said woman and the title of the film i am talking about is adrienn pál, which is a translation of the original hungarian title pál adrienn. the film has a continuously dismal atmosphere, but also some very beautiful images. its backbone is a really good cast and a good director. i am impressed how a film that has so little dialogue was able to captivate me for over two hours. well done, ágnes kocsis. you may smoke with the cool kids now.

here’s the boring trailer:


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