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February 9, 2011 / Henning

small town murder songs

the film festival is over and i’d like to introduce you to my personal favourite: small town murder songs. i couldn’t help but think about fargo several times during the screening, which is nothing less than a masterpiece, of course. it is not that small town murder songs is exactly like fargo, but there are certain similarities: first of all our local hero peter stormare plays the lead. in fargo he was one of the kidnappers, now he has changed sides and portrays an aged cop with a violent past.

secondly, there’s a similar atmosphere, a murder case set in rural america, empty landscapes, chiselled characters and most of all authentic portrayal of these characters. it is a tale of crime and redemption with countless biblical elements in it – i am not talking about disturbingly featherbrained religious elements here. the whole film is very well composed. i don’t want to complain about a single thing. ok, maybe i regret that i didn’t stay to attend the q&a with director ed gass-donelly – a name to keep in mind.


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