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July 6, 2011 / Henning

some funk going down, man

[photo by dbking cc by]

arrgh, come on. don’t be like that. blend in. nevertheless, marvin gaye is one of my favourite soul singers. sadly his father shot him roughly two months before i was born. when i read about this incident it seemed like this one scene from magnolia, where a parent accidently shoots the suicidal son. felt almost unreal. here’s a snippet from wikipedia describing what happened:

“When the tour ended, he attempted to isolate himself by moving into his parents’ house in Los Angeles. As documented in the PBS “American Masters” 2008 exposé, several witnesses claimed Marvin’s mental and physical condition spiraled out of control. Groupies and drug dealers hounded Marvin night and day. He threatened to commit suicide several times after bitter arguments with his father. On April 1, 1984, Gaye’s father fatally shot him when Gaye intervened in an argument between his parents over misplaced business documents. The gun had been given to his father by Marvin Jr. four months previously. Marvin Gaye would have celebrated his 45th birthday the next day.”

it was really hard to pick one of marvins songs for this post, as there are so many good ones. in the end i chose i heard it through the grapevine, a song he originally recorded in 1968. this version however dates from 1980, when marvin played at the montreux jazz festival. i especially love the opening, which is also referenced in the title of this post. some funk going down, man.


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