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July 8, 2011 / Henning

black music in germany

black music, that’s motown and stax, the bronx and new orleans. although i know my approach lacks precision, the term black music is synonymous to african american music for me. i normally would not think about some black dudes in a grunge band somewhere in, i don’t know, moscow maybe, when talking about black music. the term feels like r&b and it feels like new orleans, detroit, chicago etc.

be that as it may, i labelled this week black music week, now i literally have to face the music – with all consequences. so let’s forget about african american music for a minute and turn towards something more fun: the blackness of germany.

this man was a professor in psychology. his name is billy mo and like so many other artists i wrote about this week, he is no more. mr mo died almost exactly seven years ago. in germany he is considered a one hit wonder.

roberto blanco on the other hand is far more famous than billy mo. he is also a bigger embarrassment. his song “samba si, arbeit no” (arbeit=work) has a clear, almost universally understandable message. the introduction to the song includes a nice, cheap joke. sadly it is in german and untranslatable. the rascally looking host is well known for this kind of cheapness. the germans love him for that.

talking about cheap jokes, click the links, if you dare. i’ll post something more serious tomorrow. promised.


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