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July 8, 2011 / Henning


[photo by evan osherow cc by]

the temptations have been one of motowns most successful boygroups, rivalled only by the jacksons. todays post will be solely dedicated to the classic five lineup, including david ruffin, eddie kendricks, otis williams, paul williams and melvin franklin. these five were the temptations during the mid sixties, when the group was in its prime.

this is actually the second time you are about to see the temptations this week – they had a brief appearance in rick james’ super freak video. i chose a song, which might be better known in a later version by rare earth. it is surely not the most successful single the band had, but it is one of the most recognisable tunes they have recorded.

it would have been paul williams’ birthday last weekend. that’s why i want to add a song where paul sings the lead. paul williams suffered from depression and alcoholism. his death in 1973 was ruled a suicide, although there are some doubts about that. probably one of these good ol’ dead singer conspiracies. have i told you i saw jim morrison at a flea market here in gothenburg some days ago? he sold batik shirts and incense sticks to aged teenagers. trust me, you do not want to meet him. anyway, paul williams, ladies and gentlemen.


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